Challenged to the Core”

The word “challenged” has a variety of meanings; impaired, disabled, lacking or deficient in some respect. It can also describe the action of being “invited” to an event or questioning the validity of a truth or belief. “Core” describes the center of an object or a foundational¬† issue. We believe that being “challenged to the core” is a process. A process of taking a critical look at our life, public and private, with the intent of understanding ourselves and others who are “wired” (read different) than us. Then making changes in the way we interact with others to improve our relationships.

Our ultimate goal is to help people have better marriages, whether you are married right now or not! Learning about yourself is the first step. Learning about others is the next step. Using that knowledge is a lifetime process…

We offer training to individuals or groups at “low cost” or “no cost” .

Thanks for checking us out. We hope to meet with you soon…

Del & Kathi Brixey

Founders of Challenged to the Core